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Journalism is a profession that is changing rapidly. With newspapers on the decline, are there still jobs out there for young journalism graduates? I spoke to experts at RMIT to find out.


Ciaran O’Mahony (CO)

Dr Josie Vine (JV)

Phil Kafcaloudes (PK)

Tito Ambyo (TA)


CO: Welcome to the Inverted Pyramid podcast. I’m your host, Ciaran O’Mahony, and this week we’ll be looking at modern career pathways for journalists.

It’s no secret that print media is steadily declining in this digital age. Some have argued that journalism, as we know it, will eventually die with it.

So are these doomsday predictions correct? Or are they a little exaggerated?

I spoke to Journalism experts at RMIT to find out.


CO: Dr Josie Vine told me that there are different expectations on today’s Journalists, but there are more opportunities than ever in the industry.

JV: I think they need a lot more multimedia skills and digital skills. They need to be able to gather audio and vision and be able to write in a variety of genres, so across hard news, colour features. So it’s a lot more demanding. However, I also think there’s a lot more opportunity for aspiring journalists.

So there’s a lot of challenges for journalism, but there’s also a lot of opportunity. A lot more opportunity than say when I went into journalism back in the mid-90s. Particularly for people like freelancers. I think you can make a lot of money out of freelancing. I’ve got a friend who freelances at the moment and she has so much work she’s knocking it back.


CO: So there are more opportunities in the industry than ever. As the print media door closes, others start to open. And it’s an exciting time for journalism in many ways. Phil Kafcaloudes says that there are still plenty of opportunities with traditional news outlets too.

PK: There are jobs around and there’s a lot of regional jobs around. If newspapers head south as we know they are, their online presence might be ok and they’re putting a lot of effort into the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, they’re putting a lot of effort into online. So because people aren’t opening newspapers doesn’t mean there aren’t any jobs, there certainly are and it’s making some money.


CO: In order to get one of these jobs, we need to be social media savvy and learn how to market ourselves and develop our own personal brand. This can be challenging, as Tito Ambyo explains.

TA: It is becoming more and more like that where if you can tread that fine balance between journalism and talking to people, in a way that captures their imagination, without veering too much on just saying your opinion. Then, I think telling people why you are and you know, marketing yourself out there is becoming one of the main games if you want to get a job in journalism.


CO: So unlike 10-20 years ago, there’s more of an emphasis on marketing yourself, but you to have find the right balance to maintain your integrity as a journalist. It’s an interesting challenge.

And for all of the traditionalists out there who are worried that real journalism is dying. There are some things that will never change.


JV:  The democratic role of a journalist will never change as long as we remain a democracy basically. So the skills and the challenges are very different. But the basic professional mindset, the psyche will never change.



CO: So there you have it. It’s not all doom and gloom guys. There are plenty of opportunities out there for journo grads.

A Big thank you to all of the staff at RMIT, who were so generous with their time and knowledge.

Thanks also to you guys for listening. Keep sharing and subscribing.

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Until then, see you next time!

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