Conor McGregor: Ducker or True Fighter

It has been 16 months since Conor McGregor fought in an Octagon and it is still unclear when we can expect his UFC return.

Despite his lengthy absence he continues to dominate the headlines, recently turning heads when he stated that he had offered to fight Frankie Edgar as a short notice replacement for Featherweight Champion Max Holloway at UFC 222.

This triggered a severe reaction from Edgar’s coach, Mark Henry, who claims that the Irishman ducked his fighter three times because he only takes favourable stylistic matchups. He didn’t stop there though, accusing McGregor of being a protected species who “cuts lines to titles”, doesn’t fight the “best” and worst of all, lacks heart and integrity.

Henry’s damning assessment of McGregor’s career and character has been echoed by the Irish star’s many detractors. But is it a fair one? Or are his comments too harsh and perhaps hypocritical?

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